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Choosing the right platform or service is essential to run a successful business. The Kwiga Partner Program connects potential users with Kwiga products and helps increase their efficiency, while Partners get their rewards from sales.

Becoming a Kwiga Partner is easy, free, and rewarding!

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Partnership Opportunities at Kwiga

There are two programs for partners, you can join and participate in both: attracting new clients to Kwiga and working with other projects. Find a new job or new marketers for your project on Kwiga.
Affiliate program

Add referrals and earn from every single invoice they have!

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A program for marketing managers and agencies

Choose projects on Kwiga and help them develop, work directly with project owners.

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Affiliate Program

Earnings from one check to $600

Become a Kwiga partner and you’ll be paid up to 50% lifetime commission from each client you bring: as long as they stay with Kwiga, you get a reward.

The wide range of our products and services puts any online project on your target map. You can easily generate a steady passive income by bringing as many online projects to Kwiga as you can. We do not limit your rewards, instead we encourage you to grow endlessly your referrals’ list by utilizing various Kwiga tools.

Who Would Benefit From Participating in the Kwiga Affiliate Program?

Marketing and promoting agencies, online business startups, personal and corporate branding - everyone who works with authors and content creators daily. Help your clients find the perfect platform, and we will ensure they stay with us for a long time.
Opinion Leaders and Influencers
Influencers in training, sales, online business, email campaigns, mailing lists, marketers, and tech consultants who set up business processes - all those who help their customer to choose a platform every day. You will have a quality product for your customers and a worthy reward.
Kwiga Customers
Whether you use the platform or not, you can become an affiliate. Any business interested in promoting Kwiga and getting rewards can participate in our affiliate program.
Get paid by recommending Kwiga!
Sky is the limit for the annual rewards you can earn, we reward every single project you bring, no matter how small or big!.
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Kwiga Is an Ultimate Online Business Platform

There are millions of projects around, and we have a working solution for each of them. Kwiga can help any business grow and develop because it includes 8 independent products, each having a high number of potential customers.
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Agencies Program

Build a successful business for your clients with Kwiga. Get paid for your knowledge and expertise in promoting online projects and increasing sales. On Kwiga marketplace, you can find real projects, each having unique targets and conditions, communicate with project managers and product owners directly, find the one that matches your skill set and grow together.

Who can participate?

Marketing and promoting agencies — Kwiga marketplace is another source to discover new clients that need Your help to become successful.

Digital marketer with a broad or little experience — create or expand your portfolio and add to it successful cases.

Bussiness owners find marketing managers at Kwiga Partners.
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Frequently asked questions

For how long will I receive payments from a referred client?
You will be rewarded for each client you bring for a lift-time as long as they pay for Kwiga products. Clients pay monthly fees, so and you can expect a steady monthly income for as long as their business exists.
What kind of reward will I get for a referred client?
As a member of Kwiga Partners, you will receive up to 50% life-time reward for each paid invoice after the trial period. It means you will start receiving your reward as soon as the client begins paying their invoice not using bonuses.
Do you have payments for referrals?
Yes, 5% of the earnings of referrals.
When do you process payments?
You choose when you want to be paid. The only requirement we have is the minimum amount for withdrawal - $50.
Why have I not received my reward?
The most likely reason is the 14-day withholding period on Affiliate Payouts. To find out the exact reason, please contact Kwiga Partners support.
Have Any Questions?

Contact our 24/7 Care Department or find an answer in our Help Center. We are always ready to help you set up the online learning LMS platform!

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